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See how easy it is to prepare "Be" and "Free" recipes at the same time! Watch Christina Gray prepare two recipes on the Spice of Life Show for TV30!

If you don't have a food allergy and are looking to learn more about cooking allergen-safe meals for family and friends then Be Free Cooking- The Allergen-Aware Cook is for you. Food allergy or not, your culinary journey to allergen-awareness starts now. Traditional recipes for you with allergen-free versions for them. Eat well and BE FREE!

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Exciting news... A new book is coming soon! 

Be Free Cooking is a 2015 Best Seller at Towne Center Books!

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Christina Gray, author of Be Free Cooking- The Allergen Aware Cook, has her debut children's book, The Secret Baking Undertaking, coming out in Spring 2020 with Watermelon Books!  This chapter book for early readers, age 4-8 years old, is a departure from cookbooks but Christina continues to bring the joy of cooking, or in this case, baking, into her writing. 

Bella’s family bakery is about to go out of business despite her attempts to save it. A last-minute wish is all she has left for a plan. Little does she know that a magical secret baking undertaking is about to begin.

Watermelon Books is a San Diego based boutique publisher founded in 2012. They are currently looking for an illustrator for this project. For more information please visit